Being from L.A., am I paranoid?

I live in Laguna Beach so I'm a fan of the L.A. Dodgers, the L.A. Lakers and (without pro football) the USC Trojans. When I look at Yahoo's sport pages, it seems really rare to be able to find anything about L.A. based teams. Am I paranoid or do fans from other areas seem to feel the same way?


Is this fair?

I'm from the Long Beach area and I don't think you're paranoid. I ageree that it seems that most of the Yahoo sports reporting favors the eastern and southern regions.

Just because I'm from the west coast, why should I have to "pick" my favorite sports teams to get news about them when fans of the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, etc. get all of their news up front for all to see?

Your favorite sport that can be done indoors?

I'm from Marin County California and I dont think that you are it's just the sports teams are so many all over the nation it's hard to have lots of your own.PEACE

What city do u think has the best sport teams?

Yahoo Sports has a feature that lets you choose your favorite teams, no matter where they're from or which sport they play. After you choose your favorites, you will automatically see news stories about the teams that you chose. Even though most of the Yahoo Sports content isn't about LA teams, this way you'll be able to find all LA sports news concentrated in one place.

To activate it, go to the Yahoo Sports main page, scroll down to Team Tracker, and click Edit Teams.

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