Any good cheer sites?

I am trying out for cheerleading and i need to learn more moves do you know any site links to like show me some jumps and stuff? PLEASE HELP!!!!


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You didn't say what level you are trying out for, middle school, JV or varsity. So, as a current high school cheer coach, I can tell you what we expect from our girls.

First and foremost we stress academics. Being a good cheerleader requires a great deal of practice, and this can sometimes hurt your grade point average. We always stress that you can't go on in life to make a living at have to have an education to do that. Girls must maintain a 2.5 or better grade point average or risk being dropped from the squad for a season. If the grade point average is not raised, she is dropped for the year.

As for the actual requirements:

Knowledge of routines, cheers and chants: Know them backwards and forwards.well enough to begin them anywhere in the middle of the cheer. I have seen many good candidates dropped due to the inability to start a cheer at any point in the routine. We teach one cheer, one chant and a pretty complex 1 minute dance routine. The girls are given 3 days to learn this with tryouts on day 4.

Tumbling/Gymnastics to include cartwheel, roundoff, and back hand spring. Girls who can do a tuck usually get extra points.

Flexibility and Posture: Be able to do splits and heal stretch. In a Liberty or heal stretch position, hold your balance for 20 seconds. Extra points are given for girls who can do arabesques or scorpions. You can see examples of this at

Judges always look for personality and smiles as well as how well the contender keeps their movements sharp and in proper form! No sloppy arms, wrists etc. You can lose lots of points in this area.

The girls must do 3 jumps: herkie, toe touch, 1 other. Again, look at You can work on these first on the floor.stretching yourself just a little bit more everyday until you have proper form. Then work on taking it to the air. When you have your prep and jump perfected, put 1/2 pound weights on each ankle and jump with them on from that point on. When it comes time for tryouts, take the weights'll jump higher than ever because you have become used to jumping with more weight!

Most of all, the judges are looking for girls who have the ability to work as a team and engage the crowd to cheer on their school! make the judges feel like cheering with you by engaging them every time you get a chance.

On tryout day, eat a good breakfast...with complex carbs. Go to the tryouts with your hair up off of your face and in a ponytail, little or no makeup and no jewelry. Let them know that you are a serious contender and not there for a beauty contest!

For more pics, help and cheers that you can learn, go to

hope that helps! GOOD LUCK!

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Here's a great site that shows you how to do jumps.

Here's a site that shows you basic arm moves.

REMEMBER: With all of your moves, keep it super sharp. Don't anticipate it either. Pretend that each move is it's own and that each one is very important!

Also the most important thing about being a cheerleader is..SMILE. Nobody is going to be pumped (including your tryout judges) if you don't smile! =)

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