Alot of guys think its stupid when girls skateboard, do you?

I skate


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I think it's great that both genders can skateboard...there's no reason to think otherwise, when I first started out girls never skated and now they're all over th eplace I even got my g/f skateboarding it doesn't bother me any. I teach a few girls in my classes and some of them are better than the guys in the class who have been skating longer.

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As long as you enjoy it, that's all that really matters. Wear the proper protective gear and have fun.

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no not at all...its irritating to know guys still think certain sports are male only...

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I don't think it is stupid. I think guys would think it would be cool that a girl skateboards. Who cares what the guys think?? Just skateboard and have fun.

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no i don't boys can be really cruel sometimes i skateboard and i am really good some boys call me a tomboy i think it's perfectly normal so just keep skateboarding and ignore them

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Absolutely not. It's a proven fact girl skaters are down-to-Earth and sexy as hell. Just look at Avril. Nobody is sexier than her.

What are the skateboard tricks a begginner should learn first? please list them from easiest to hardest thanx!

Does it even matter if guys care? I know guys who skate... and their not all that good. But either way, if you like it that's cool & that's what matters.

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ohhhh boy here we go again, back into the 30's, with that little ALMOST fogotten word called sexism.well i guess its back in Black

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Only when they hang around and don't skate. Use it, don't sit on it/carry it.

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skateboarding's awesome,who cares what guys think!its not a rule that we aren't allowed to skateboard right??

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