My paintball gun (Spyder Imagine) has just recently lost a lot of velocity.?

before winter i my striker on my gun. i shaved off parts of it to make it lighter. Now i used it for the first time this spring and the velocity on my gun was very low. It could barely hit something 30 feet away without aiming 5 to 10 feet above it. I am wondering if it is the striker on my paintball gun that is causing this problem, or is it something else like a bad spring?


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not a good idea on shaving the striker, seriously whats a few extra pounds, no wait, ounces? anyways there possibly might be a slight leak due to the shaving, or the cup seal might be damaged and need replaced. take it to a paintball pro shop, they can get you all the replacement parts u would need. try stretching the spring and adjusting ur velocity screw hope this helps

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try to boost your velosity...maybe it somehow turned lower
or bring it to your local paintball shop ot place
they can check it out

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