All Star Cheerleading?

Question:My friend is begging me to join her All Star team because so many of the members are either seniors or quitting,and she's convinced that I'd be a good cheerleader.

...And I was wondering if any of you guys are All Stars,and what is your program like?

More specific questions:

1. What is your practice schedule like?
2. What are the costs (for classes,uniforms,competitions etc)?
3. Do any of your All Star gyms have dance teams also?

The gym my friend wants me to join has a hip hop team,and if I could get on it,I'd probably be more inclined to do that because dance is definitely more my thing (only because I have never done cheer before,and I only have a little gymnastics experience).

The team placement days are May 29th and 31st,and then starting in July there will be practices once a week.The main costs are a $30 registration fee,and then $50 a month for a technique class,team practice slot,tumbling class,and open gym.Is this reasonable?

Any input would be great.Thanks!


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Okay so I'm an All Star cheerleader in the west coast.

1. Usually practice are 2 times a week but if there are competitions maybe 3 times a week.
2. The cost depends, because all all star teams are different mines is around $3,500.Here is what im paying for...
-Annual gym membership (so I can go to the cheer gym to tumble whenever)- $35
-shorts, sports bras, shirts, warm up pants & jacket, a backpack, shoes and bows- $355
-Tuition- $125 monthly for 12 months
-Uniform (Shell Top, Skirt, Rhinestones on the uniform)- $225
-Competitions (1 Vegas comp. & 8-10 other comps.)- $785
-Florida (Registration and Quad Room Rate)- $625
3. And most All Star teams have competitive Dance teams

It's totally worth all the money, it's really fun and it's great experience if you want to cheer in college.

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