Airsoft help PLZ!?

okay lets just say my airsoft gun m4a1 is broken like i pull the trigger and it goes all the way like normal but it just makes a small noise and i pulled it out no noise and i think something is jammed maybe and the battery is not out cause i was just using it and it was fine full power and everything but i put it on full auto then semi and it didnt work so what should i do? and ideas why its not working? any websites? please help and plus i just got this gun which sucks cause it already broke


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First, describe your problem a little better. To me it sounds like you are saying your gun does not fire, correct?
it is probably just not coming off of safe. if your gun is used often and the fire selector switched alot, your cut off lever is probably worn and needs to be replaced. it is like a little $4 part that can be fixed at any airsoft shop.

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