Any ideas for a good opening for my speech on why Cheerleading is a sport?

I am writing a speech on why cheerleading is a sport adn I want a good beginning but can't seem to get there any ideas?


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if you have competition meets or rallys where a winner and loser is held it is a sport. i know in high school there were compititions.

Cheerleading question, please help?!?!?

that's probably cause it's not

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Cheerleading is an activity that uses organized routines made up of elements from gymnastics, dance or performance stunting/action to cheer on sports teams at games and matches, and/or as a competitive sport. A cheerleading performer is called a cheerleader. It is most common in North America, but has spread elsewhere in other countries.

I hope that helped!

Ples tell me which sport is for physically challenged?

Thats because it isn't, its like searching for ice on the sun, it isn't going to happen!

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Look at the website from wikipedia it may help you get going. I would like to add that for cheerleading to be considered a sport you must be talking about competitions and not actually cheering on the side line. Good luck.

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"Cheerleading is a sport? Yes, cheerleading is a sport. Did you know that cheerleaders are in better physical shape than most athletes? Not only do cheerleaders need to be in shape but they also have to have rhythm, coordination, hand eye function equaled to baseball players, strength, good sportsmanship, character and the ability to get a crowd worked into a frenzy which can lead to a victory for their team. Leading a cheer is easy but ... cheerleading is a unique sport."

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it uses a lot of energy and can be aerobic exercise like dancing and running

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