Airsoft Gun?

Question:I want an electric airsoft gun and my limit for spending is 150$.
I prefer rifles


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Any Tokyo Marui clone is good because you can upgrade to normal Marui parts as you progress. If you like the M16/M4 style check this out.

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git the M-16a1 its 1 of the coolest guns

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This is a hard one, as most halfway decent rifles are apx. $200
and if you do get a good rifle, you have to get a battery, a charger, an extra magazine, the list goes on. A great brand to go with is Tokyo Marui, although you usually have to import these. A great retailer to look at would be Red Wolf Airsoft, out of Hong Kong, so instead of going through all kinds of rifles, I will just give you the website.

Any suggestions for good cheerleading fundraisers? for 360+ FPS Rifles - G36C, M16A4's, M4A1, etc..

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