Advice for cheer tryouts?

anybody got advice for cheer tryouts? what judges look for, how to act, how to prepare, etc. the judges are not associated with the school, so i cant kiss up. we have to wear a white polo, white shoes, white knee socks, any color cheer shorts, with ribbons that match the shorts color for your hair and belt. we also need matching shoe laces.


Has anyone seen a person bench 1000 pounds?

I know this sounds like a long-shot: but you have to try and stand out and be original! Can you tumble? Is it allowed in your entrance? If so, go for it, and in a big way! Your entrance is everything, so yell for your team, give the judges the "spirit fingers", tumble, high-kick, be bouncy and energetic - no one likes a bored cheerleader! Act like you have the most self-confidence of anyone on the floor, even if you are shakin in your shoes! SMILE, but don't paste it on. Practice your best jumps, and do them in try-outs, leave anything that you think you still need to "work on" at home, and do it later, don't wait till tryouts. Make everything you do sharp-sharp-sharp. Yell from your diaphragm, not your throat. Good Luck!

Sports? Can't Find One I Like!?

b-e-agg-ress-ive be agressive, be be agressive. whoooo

How do you do a pressure flip on a skate board?

Always smile, make every move very sharp and always always point your toes! :) Good luck!

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how about Im yours, oh baby, if you win. you can have me. its a great motivator.

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