Am I the only one that is fed up with ESPN's lack of coverage of hockey?


Why does (almost) everyone hate cheerleaders?

ya it gets annoying when an NBA trade gets 20 mins. of coverage and the guys have no clue what their talking about cause it happened 2 minutes ago, but when Melrose gets on camera, he gets sometimes less that a minute to cover 10+ games. a little onesided?

Help me out with this ill best answer you?

There's still a hockey league?

How do a get a perfect pocket for my lax stick?

they get a whole 2minutes everymorning on sportscenter! lol, they dont cover it as much as they maybe should, but people in the states just arent as interested in that as other sports


Frankly, yes, you probably you are. In America today, the demand for basketball, baseball, football, greatly overrules hockey. I mean yes there are people that care about hockey, but not alot compared to the major sports. Maybe if you want more hockey, move to Canada or Europe.

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1. They show Arena Football instead of Hockey
2. They Show Poker instead of Hockey
3. They Show Cars Racing Instead of Hockey
4. They show Sportscenter 50 TIMES instead of hockey
5. They show BORING NBA BASKETBALL instead of hockey

Which is ur favourite sport?

Yeah I'm sick of it too. But the NHL needs a bigger cable channel to play on besides VS. Plus no one on ESPN knows a thing about hockey.

Track & Field?

Absolutely! I mean who actually watches Hockey anymore? I can't stand it! I lost interest in the sport after the lockout. But I guess if St. Louis had a good/decent team I may consider being fed up with the lack of coverage also.

Crew Question?

Blame Gary Bettman.
Had the NHL not done a TV deal with VS (outdoor Life) for a bit more money than ESPN then the games would be on the ESPN Network and they would have a more vested intrest in showing highlights and such on SportsCenter.

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