Any ideas for a 12 yr old sports party held in a park?

im doing a soccer tournament already


I'm going to be a cheerleader next month. I'm 5'3 and I weigh 142 pounds. What can I do as a cheerleader?

Food, family and friends..

How Do You Do a Backflip On a Trampoline?

lawn darts, horse shoes, obstacle course, flag football

What are the top ten sporting good stores if not top ten what ae the top five sporting good stores? thank you?

Hi there,
Great idea to hold a party in the park - helps expend their energy!! What about hiring a trampoline for the day. Also you could have some relay races made up from teams. You don't need a lot of equipment for it, just some 'bases' and do bounce the ball on the racket, or run to the first base and back, and repeat that to all three bases. What about tug-o-war with a big rope? The old favourites are also good, for Easter you could do egg and spoon races etc! You could also do 'first to find' - call all the kids together and say first back with.. could be a leaf off of a tree, a red t-shirt etc.
Have fun hope this helps!!

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A good idea for kids that age is a mini olympics.have say 6 activities, groups of four, rotating to complete all activities. It is very cheap to purchase a small trophy for the winner, and cheap plastic medals for everyone else. Activities could include discus throwing using a frisbee, long jump, an individual timed circuit of the area, throwing a wet sponge into a bucket from a distance (this is hard but heaps of fun), the longest time for keeping a soccer ball off the ground, first to eat a donut attached to string dangling from a tree branch. Just some ideas...hope you have fun!

Does anyone skateboard?

If it is warm enough, definitely set up a "water" obstacle course. Sponge toss, "swim" thru a very small kiddie pool, dodgeball with water balloons...stuff like that.

What your favorite sport?

Whoever came up with this idea, is a great thinker. Great job!


Flag football
baseball/softball-always wonderful

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