Any way to learn to do the split as in gymnastic when i am over 30 years old?


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Yep, it is going to take a lot of stretching tho. The best stretch for this, is to sit in a strattle postition- butt on ground with legs in a "V" position in front of you. SLOWLY walk your hands down one leg without bending the other. When you feel a slight tention hold it there until you no longer feel anything. Then move down again until you feel a slight tention and repeat. Then do the next leg and then walk down the middle between your two legs. Do not force your body down- this will only cause muscle cramps and pain. This should be done very slowly and you might not be able to touch ground the first time that you try this- that is perfectly normal. Once you have stretched out completely try to do the splits, but do not force yourself down. You may have to do this over & over for an extended period of time, before you can actually do the splits, but if you over do it too early then you can really hurt yourself.

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Practice, practice, practice...

it's a dynamic stretch every day...then exercise those thighs.

Good luck.

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Absoluetly. It takes longer as you get older, but stretching into a split will take many hours of patience, but you can do it.

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to train your flexibility:
- You have to split everyday. It's tedious and boring, but it's the fastest way to get your flexibility.
- Do centre & side splits & pikes

you can do these while watching tv, before you go to bed, or whenever you're bored. but remember, you should do at least 3-5mins worth of splitting daily.

also, since you're 30 already, take it easy. start with your legs slightly apart and move them apart slowly until you've reached your limit. do not sit back when you've reached your limit as that's wrong technique. just reach forward and try your best to go down even more. purposely putting your weight on your bottom, centralising it at the hips area helps too. it'll be painful though...

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