What is the best kinda of skateboard?

I need to know this people.


What is Up?

I like element

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There's no best! You pick what you want because they're all equally good. I personally like Lucky bearings, Spitfire wheels, Grind King trucks and Almost decks. Good luck!

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I would probably go with hook-ups.

Though I'm always a sucker for hot anime chicks...

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303 or blacklabel

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the kind that gets you around, works good, doesn't break...so um them all. There isn't one certain best kind of skateboard if anyone says there is they don't know wtf they are talking about. All decks are made the same as long as you got a 7 or 8 ply deck you'll have a strong deck, for trucks I like independant, thunder, tensor and destructo, i've used them all and they've all worked great and never broke for me and I weight 175 pounds. I like and recomend bones bearings to everyone just because they are a great bearing and all of them come with shields to keep crap out which makes them last longer. Wheels whatever i'm never to picky but spitfires and ricta's are great wheels. Asking whats the best skateboard is a dumb question because a skateboard is made of of many different branded parts, you could have a really nice deck and some nice bearings and cheap trucks and they'd break quick. You get what you pay for, cheaper good decks would be blank decks like mini logo, or a ccs blank which i've used and love, I also ride almost and plan b decks, and have had blind, enjoi, element, zoo york, zero a couple others I can't think of and they've all worked the same. If you can't do the same tricks on different boards then something wrong with you. Good luck

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most skateboards are me of the same 7 ply canadian mapel..it depends on wat you like..so you go pick the board u like dont let any one change your mind bc like i said its wat u like and want to skate on...

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