Anyone have any good lacrosse quotes?

i just want something that's cute & shortish. It can be long too i guess. It should have to do with Women's lacrosse. Thanks! <3


The last George Michael Sports Machine show is on, will you miss it?

"Sports with shorts can kiss our kilts."

"You miss 100% of the shots you never take."
-Wayne Gretzky (Not directly a lacrosse quote, but I like it. And he's my number too! =])

Hope this helps. =]

Why is mma so respected?

"Lacrosse players are usually great lovers.Their strong hip flexors and abdominal muscles give them stamina.That helps them maintain a rhythm that women enjoy."

i guess u can change it to men
"Lacrosse Means to Dominate"

theres a bunch more here...

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