A 14 Year Old Boy bulking up for football?

I am currently in my last few months of my elementary education. Next year, in high school, i will be playin Freshmen Football. As of now, I am running a mile a day and I am using 5 pounds weights with high reps.Also, I am doing calenstenics such as crunches push-ups etc. What can I do to gain more muscle in my biceps, triceps, forearms, ab, chest, thighs, and legs?


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I think a mile is an awkward distance unless you're training for middle distance track events. In football you need to sprint and you need endurance. Wind sprints build speed for short bursts (NFL focuses on 40-yard sprint, you know). To build endurance for long practices and games you need long periods of aerobic stress, a lot more than the 5-8 minutes it takes to run a mile.

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Lift weights - increase your weight slightly as your muscles need to be shocked, and won't react to the same weight after awhile. Don't go too heavy, though, as you don't want to possibly stunt any muscles growing. 14 is a great age to start, but you'll really mass up in your 20's if you keep lifting.

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just watever you end up doing..dont take creatine monohydrate
all it does it put water in ur veins n muscles and thats bs..and somethin else i 4got about it thats bad too...

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heavy weights stick to a weight that you can only do 6 reps with
buy the arnold bible

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bench AT LEAST 175. If u r a reciever, be able to bench 140. run a 4.6 or 4. 7 forty at reciever. Lift a lot.

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Do more excerise.

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