200 sprint training?

i'm currently a 7th grader and this is my 1st year in track. my current time for the 200 is around 30 seconds. i know i can do better. what kind of workouts should i do to improve my time and endurance?? links are welcome. =]


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i'm also in track but i run distance. anyway, if you want to improve your time, you should run the races like the 400 and the 800. if you can run these races in a good time, you can run the 200 even faster than 30 seconds. if you want to improve your endurance, when you practice, run the 200 and give yourself about 30 seconds of rest and run another 200 and so on. another thing is to never sit down after running, always remain standing.

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The most important part is the start. You need to get out fast just like the 100. Run the curve hard, not by leaning into it but by slightly torquing your body so you are pointing into the turn not running square with the lanes. Come off the curve keep your speed up by relaxing and maintaining your stride length and rate of turn over. Bring your hands up so you can see them in front of you and throw them back. Training you should do 150 from a flying start, 10x150 walk back for rest. Starts from the blocks using different lanes so you can learn how to start from different staggers. Run from the blocks out about 40-60m. Run 4-5x200 with 4-5 minute rest. It takes time to learn to race. Remember you are running at top speed when you come off the turn so do not try to run faster, maintain your speed and keep your stride and running motion smooth to the finish.

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