Am I too tall for second base?

I'm around 5'10 and I am a freshman and going to play varisty baseball next year at second base. I know 5'10 isn't that tall but most of my height is in my legs. My legs are very long and as I grow I find it harder to get ground balls. More balls are going under my glove. I think its because my legs are so long its extremely hard to get a ground ball correctly ("Get your face in the dirt" stay down, get your butt down and get on the eye level of the ball) It is really hard for me to do that because my legs are so long. So is there anyway I can fix this problem or a way to help the length of my legs not be a problem and get a ground ball like all the other infielders of normal leg length. Answers are greatly apprciated.


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You need to work on your flexibility and your stamina for a squatting type position. It isn't really a question of strength. Its a matter of muscle memory and your own confidence in your ability. Enough repetition should should take care of both.

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My advise is to develope a killer cross-over and some hops, then focus on Basketball..You're probably going to be 6'7 by the time you graduate..
Also, nothing wrong with DH or 1st base..

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work on your quickness... and do a lot of "wall sits", that will strengthen your legs a lot and help you stay down, just put your back flat on the wall and slide down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, hold it for as long as you can, walk around a bit and do it again... that will help in many aspects of the game...

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your not tall for 2nd base i am i am about 5 foot and i am 10

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