400 meter dash?

Question:What drills can i do to decrease my time from a 56 (8th grade) in the next few weeks...

Thanks for you're help

also does anyone know the state record for 8th graders in the 400 meter dash in the state of michigan?


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I'm a runner also, and my best suggestion is running a mix of longer distances (much longer- such as 3-7 mile runs) to boost aerobic ability, and short (200m) faster-than-race-pace runs to get used to running faster. And accept that your time is pretty quick and to improve at this point will take a lot of work. Good luck! Know taht all the work you do this time around will pay off again next year.

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You should get a tire and tie a rope around your waste and tie the tire up to the rope at the other end and drag it while you run.

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you got really good answers u there runing with a tire may sound a lil mad but it works or instead of a tire get some good cast iron weights tie a good piece of nylon cord to them thightl and tie the other around your waste and run with them i tire is just a lil obvious and bulky to run with try 50 lbs or higher if you feel like you can or lower whichever is confortable for you.

running distance is really great to do too i would rotate between the two per week

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