Any idea about jump ropes?

Question:hi guys, do u know what is the best jump rope for fitness purposes? should I get a light one or a heavier one. there is this rope that has a calorie counter (Avon Calorie Counting Jump Rope ) but I'm not sure if I should buy it.


HElP PlEasE!?

I have a calorie and jump counting jump rope from Sharper Image and I love it. I think the heavy ones are good if you want a tough work out for a few minutes but if you want to jump for a long time like half an hour, the light ones are better for that purpose, from my experience.

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when you get a jump rope, step in the middle of it and measure both sides by hold them up. make sure they are to somewhere around your shoulders. I like lighter ones for tricks, but heavier ones seem to be good for just jumping.

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