Advice to make my JV cheer squad?

I am trying out for my Jv cheer squad in 2 weeks. It is traditional cheer and i read that we will have at least One competition in the year. Of course I will attend the required clinics, which are next week. (there are 3 clinics). For one thing, does the clinic teach you all you need to know? for another, do i have to know how do the splits? Cheer coaches, your help would be very appreciated as well as other cheerleaders too. I really want this really bad and I need some great advice to put me in a step ahead because I head that the coach is making hard cuts this year. I think she wants the best out of the best.


Best Runningbacks??

OK- so you have any tumbling exp.? show lots of spirit smile always and no matter what never acknowledge a mistake just keep going if you mess up during tryouts. Splits help cuz your jumps will be better andd proves flexability. they will teach you the cheer, jumps, and dance at the clinics. Pay attention to the shoe- in for the squad- what does she do? pay more attention to the material than the other girls sizing up competition will only make you more nervous and that will affect your memorie GOOD LUCK And SMILE SMILE SMILe

All you guys out there?

keep the movements stiff, it's a plus to be able to do flips (if u haven't done them, then don't try it!) toe touches are big, so are herky's (did I spell that right??)

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