3 mile race for charity?

i would like to do the race for life charity run for cancer research in july. its 3 miles. im very unfit and out of shape. do u think theres enough time to get fit enough to do it?


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Absolutely - start training, small but regular sessions and you will soon see that you can start to increase the distance you run. I did a 10k 'run' last year. didn;t run it all (walked a fair bit if i;m honest!) but I finished it and felt great for it.

PS Good luck

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yes definately, just remember that jogging for an average 12 minutes is 1 mile,so youd definately do it in 40 minutes if your not fit,the more you practise the faster you will do it, I can run 3 miles in 30 mins taking it slow jog. Start off slowly and work up. Run for as long as you can then the next time you go out, make sure you run slightly past your last goal.You have loads of time so good luck.

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You have 5 months. i suggest taking up a running sport, such as lacrosse or track. You can get very fit playing a sport for a short period amount of time. i have recently taken up lacrosse 2 weeks ago, and i feel very fit. because i spend all my time outside running around and exercising and not eating inside my house. it can also help you learn how to pace yourself running. Especially if you start running now, i bet, if you run every other day, you will feel a difference in a month.

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Of course there is time, but could you imagine a 27 mile marathon?! I'm sure 3 miles will be fine and you will be fit enough in time, yet still it is the taking part that counts!
Good luck in the race.

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I am in the same boat, i have started going to the gym for 1 hour at lunch time on the bike and treadmill then 30mins when i get home at night still its a fun run so you can walk aswell good luck.

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you have 3+ months to train. just start slowly.
the first time you go train walk 100yds then jog 100yds do that 10-15 times/ 3 times the first week. then increase the next week to 50yds walk 150yds jog ... after a month I'm sure you'll be able to run 1 mile non stop.
drink fluids and specially water. don't forget to stretch after your run.

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Run it, or win it? Win it, not likely, unless you've been running competitionally for a while, which, by the sound of your question, you haven't been doing. Running in it, sure. But, even if you don't wind up running every step of the way of it, there is no reason not to participate as a walker.

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of course u do, just dont over do it wen u practice and if u get tired, remember and say to urself its for a good cause and ur doing something right

Do i need more practice?

Yeah you can go on http://www.raceforlife.org/training... and print off the training sheet which is designed for the race you are doing. Hey I'm doing it to lol

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