"Can Manchester United score? They ALWAYS score!" - what's your favourite bit of sports commentary ever?

PLEASE not "Some people are on the pitch etc" - it's such a cliche! Thanks


For flip tricks on a skateboard would you want a lot of concave (deep concave) or mellow concave (not a lot)?


What is the name of the sport in which the athlete climbs a`vertical rock wall, or a stone wall, or a cliff?

They think it's all over.. it is now!!

Nordic walking?

Cliche maybe, but still the best bit of commentary ever.

I'm getting a trampoline and who do i wrestle is there is a net on it?

'At the end of a goal-less first half the score at half time is nil-nil.'
Or 'the batsman's Holding, the bowler's Willey'

What is the better sport??

Same match, Big Ron's reply to "What must Lothar Mathaus be thinking?":
"With respect, who cares, haha!"

What is winning times in the 400 and 800 for 1A school track meets?

" he misses by a mile" I here it everywhere tv videogames its so stupid!!

Which athlete do you feel is the most overpaid in sports?

mine is from snooker
it was in the days of black and white tv
and it goes something like this
joe daivds is having to cue over the green to play for the red and for all those watching in black and white the green is next to the blue

SKATEBOARDING questions anyone WHO BOARDS please HELP?


Im having this problem with my tippmann 98c?

Murry Walker has the best ones
"Look at that car it is absolutely unique" "except for the car in front"
He had some real classics

What's a good, fairly cheap skateboard to start off with?

I'll get a violation for it but it was said during a Cricket match "The bowler's Holding the Batsmans Willy"

Mlb or Nfl?

during the ashes 06/07 series collingwood came down the pitchto play a shot,missed and was stumped by Gilchrist

Geoffrey Boycott:He was so far down the pich my mum could have caught the ball in her pinny and stumped him

Johnathan Agnew:i would love to have seen your mother play cricket Geoffrey

Boycott:She was damn good i tell ya!

or Murray Walker's commentary when david coulthard crashed in the pits

Do you guys know where I can buy a skateboard (not online)?


Sorry to just put a link on..but please take 1 and a half minutes to watch it. This is to reach the final in order to win the Super League play offs. St. Helens (in the white) are a point down with 4 seconds left. If a player is tackled or the ball goes out of play the game is over.

This is my favourite bit of sports commentary. Cue Eddie Hemmings and Stevo.

Is pole vaulting all about upper body strength?¿?¿?

"Yes United,Yes,Yes!!." I was amused by this the other night when Man Utd were playing and had just scored-sounded like the commentator was having an orgasm,not talking about a game. The guy got a little weirdly excited!!

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