Any cheerleading videos that will help me become a cheerleader?

I am a beginner


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Yes, check and Ebay. They often have a "how-to-be-a-cheerleader" video or two for sale.

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bring it on is a good movie, ask your parents to get you signed up for a camp, thats what my nieces did

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BRING IT ON! lol i guess its a good movie to show you some of the things we do but its not really how things work so dont uide yourself by that afterall its just a MOVIE lol

well im a cheerleader and to be honest 2 years ago when i first started i was just like you eager to learn and i would try to learn as much as i could but to tell you the truth what i recommend you do is stretch out everyday and practice your jumps also try making up your own dances and doing them everyday that way you can learn the habit of memorizing choreography.i also suggest you condition your body believe it or not doing pushups and stuff like that each day really helps.if i were you i would do 25 jumpingjacks then i would run a lap ,do 25 situps,25 crunches,25 pushups,and 25,squats AFTER that i would start stretching out because its always good to condition b4 stretching out that way your body wont hurt as much after ok after you stretch out try running in place [to build stamina] then try doing your toe touch and herkies ect...when you stretch out hold ech stretch for 30 seconds and hold each split for 20.
okay i hope i help and dont worry girl im in a similar situation :) good luck i know its tough but hang in there in the end it will ALL pay off

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