Any of you girls ever been challenged by a guy to an armwrestle and beat them easily? Did this surprise you?

Question:Thanks to months of weight lifting, i am pretty good at this now haha

Girl power, ladies! girl power hehe

Or ever armwrestled a guy to win a bet or for cash? I have also



Want skateboard should i get? I am new to skateboarding.?

you sound like my kind of woman

Long Jump Help!! Please!!?

yes and yes

Is there any current information on the bodybuilder Flex Wheeler? my six year old son, I beat him everytime! Yeah!!

Skate poll?

i have and i did beat him!!
yeah baby!

Which well-known Canadian player was the youngest ever to compete for the national team?

yeah, its such a hoot to go all shy and say, well, ok, just for a laugh, I'll probably just hurt myself. then slam'em down and look all surprised!!

I used to be able to beat all my mates, I'm not so fit now but joined the gym again now, so I reckon in a few months I can give them a challenge, maybe win some money!

My legs are really strong though, I could crush a mans skull between my thighs! (Mmmm, that sounds really bad!)

Whats the best sport?

Not me but there used to be this skinny girl at school called Jennifer who used to beat everyone! It was weird.

What are the chances of jenson button in the 2007 f1 season?

I challenge you.

You wouldn't beat me.

Its called baby power.

I remember when girls threw away their Bra's & had to put them on again.

Girls are girls & once a girl, always a girl.

Don't think that just because some weed let you beat him that you are better.

Girls are the weaker sex & they need it & they rely on men for it.

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