What New York Knicks player was dubbed both “the braided one” and “Satan”?


What is your favorite sport and position?


What do you guys think is the coolest nickname (or name) in sports?


Cheerleaders what do you think of this routine?


Skydiving in Oregon?

Reggie Miller

Will sleeping before soccer practice make me too tired?

Latrell Sprewell

Cheerleading Cheers?

Latrell Sprewell

Middle school track?

Latrell Sprewell

Should I shoot Longbow or Recurve?

LATRELL SPREWELL is the us99 trivia answer.

Runners: Help!?

Latrell Sprewell works for Radio Triva.

What company of skate shoes should i get?

Latrell Sprewell is the answer to the radio trivia

I have a track meet tomorrow and im running in the open 400m and 1600m relay?

Latrell Sprewell

What is the most dangerous sport?

Latrell Sprewell... quite obvious

Who is the richest peson in the world?

Latrell Sprewell!!!

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