Am i to old for gymnastics?

Im 11 I can do a cartwheel hand stand and round-off and im flexible and im a boy i have been practicing on paralettes for 3 months and have developed awesome upper body strength i was wondering if im to old to start reall gymnastics training


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You are NEVER too old to learn gymnastics. I am 14 and I started just a 13. I know many people who started gymnastics older than you including me. I think that you will do very good from what I hear, you can do a cartwhee lhandstand and round-off, and flexible.

Have Fun!

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too old?
ugh no?

Really really really important?

Your not old at all. I know someone who's a freshmen in high school and hes a boy who does gymnastics..and I'm sure all the guys in the Olympics are older then you! So I say go for it...start gymnastics.

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I'm 13, I started when I was 11 to. I was HORRIBLE at gymnastics, i'm still improving and I say its never too late.

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no!! u r not to old at all i started 2 years ago and im 12 i know 18 year olds do tumbling and competitive cheerleading at my gym

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