What football ground (uk or abroad/league or non) has the oddest name?


Do you play with a size 5 ball when you play u12 soccer?

it has too be the wankdorff stadium.its no joke it was the old ground of young boys in bern,switzerland.

Is anyone else looking forward to having a break from football this summer?

Shrewsbury - Gay Meadows!

Hello sailor!

Why do people call lampard; fat frank?

It is the Green Bay Packers. Goodthing it was not in San Francisco it would have a whole different meaning.

Even if you dont like football please answer.?

before the move i would have said highfield road Coventry's home as the ground itself was not on highfield road but the next street up

Signed Man City Programme - How much would you pay?

Lewes FC play at The Dripping Pan.

Manchester United Vs Watford! who will win? wat channel is the game on? and when? USA?

Tottenhams ground, Three Point Lane.

Is it true that brazil is gonna play south africa in a friendly?

the drpping pan

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