About manu?

who is the legendary goalkeeper of manchester united


Chelsea football clubs manager,s jose murinho's age?

peter schmeichel. not only a legendary 'keeper of man utd but also one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world!


Peter Schmeichel of DENMARK.

Sum up your football team with one word,sum up your rival with two?

Peter Schmeichel is without question the greatest Goalkeeper in the history of Manchester United. In fact, although comparisons over time are difficult, he could likely be the greatest Goalkeeper of all-time. It is impossible to find a weakness or flaw in this man mountain of a player, in every department he was pure class through and through. Ultra-competitiveness, aggression and unlimited motivation made this "Great Dane" a seemingly unbreachable fortress.

Btw r u a manu fan??...jus asked!

Why did arsenal lose?

Peter Schmeichel of course, but for those who are old enough to remember Alex Stepney was also great.

Newcastle did it then.?

I agree with the other users but I think Van der Sar will be a legend too!

Which current Premiership club was the first to field four overseas players?

fabian buttez has 2 b best of al times...peter schmeical jus had good def

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Schmeichel. But I 100% think Van der sar deserves the same recognition.

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