Adidas Tunits or Predators?

Question:i found both to be great + they both look good..but are they very different? which is better?

Adidas Tunit:

Adidas Predators:


For MAN UTD fans only. ( How about Gattuso)?

They both look good
i think Tunits is more about touches , they made it so you can adjust in the way you like it best
Predator is more like acuracy, powershot, speed (the system in the cleats help with ur accelaration)
For better info check out the in the sport section (soccer)

Do you think it is the best thing for the game of football if Sevilla win the La Liga?

well i wud go for predators>>& what abt u??

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predators have better grip, tunits has a better appeal.

but if i were you, id get one of these:

Johan Keryof, Holland Soccer player?

I've worn both in games and I mean the top level not a cheeper version and I found the Tunits some what plastic, I guess I just didn't like the feel of them...


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