After seeing the Barca V Getafe match...who's the best in the world?

Question:For about three weeks, Christiano Ronaldo has shown a quality that is unmatched in the world. But today, having already seen the Barca v Mardrd derby weeks ago, I have to say that Messi has more upside for the future.

Ronaldo has incredible top end straightline speed. But what he did in the Kings Cup semi final shows a comparable speed maintained in maneuovers. Not just gimmick step overs. We're talking complete body drags and GK nutmegs the likes which Maradona performed

Comparing the two wingers, who will be better? and why?


Which club do you think is going to win the premiership title?

on your own admission after watching the match where he scored an individual goal, yes that one act was excellent, so much so that sky sports news are showing it every 10 mins(no change there).

messi had a disastrous world cup and so far this season he has not been a regular starter for barcelona. so before you go shouting your mouth off about an isolated incident, stop and think.

tomorrow you have £50 million who would you buy ?
problem you would need an additional £50 million to buy RONALDO.


pele has done himself no favours by his outburst. down in my respect.

What do u think about C. Ronaldo renewal?

Messi will be better then C. Ronaldo. Messi has better players around him that will help him develop and grow as a player more than the players around C. Ronaldo. Also Messi doesn't have an attitude that can make him a bad teammate.

Calling all man utd fans?

Messi as Ronaldo is still a young up start and what he did in the world cup can't be forgotten. Being a good sport is key to being a champ.

In football, can outfield players play in goal?

as of right now they are both extremely good so its hard to call.

Has Chelsea made wise investments this season?

One thing we need to remember is that the english soccer is currently the best in the world and this has a huge influence in terms of comparing this two players while one of them is playing in a league considered the best which is an advantage.

The other thing is that in the world cup Ronaldo helped Portugal reach the semi's and Messi didn't...

Ronaldo is the second top goal scorer in england and also Manchester is still involved at champions league while Barca are out.

And the bonus is the fact that both Barca and Madrid are interested in buying Ronaldo.

I think they are both great wingers but I'd go for Ronaldo for these reasons I've mentioned.


Who do we blaime ?

Thye are both great players
but i cant choose who will be better so sonce im a man u fan i say ronaldo

I want to know everyones opinion about the football match between chelsea and man u.i love chelsea?on the 19th

Ronaldo is and will be better. Messi is extremely left footed whereas Ronaldo can use both. Also, Messi relies entirely on pace to jink around players and has less skills. Will he burn past people when he gets older? Ronaldo's stepovers and tricks aren't gimmicky anymore and make him unpredictable for defenders to play against. He's also improved his vision and awareness. He's a threat in the air, unlike Messi. Messi is a fine player but Ronaldo genuinely has the possibility of being considered on of the best of all time if he keeps producing.

Who is going up in League One?

Messi will be better.

Having seen Ronaldo against Arsenal twice this season he was average.

The best Italian player ever playing in the Premier League?

Judging by last nights goal it has to be messi. While ronaldo has the stepovers and tricks Messi's goal demonstrates the kind of dynamism and direct attacking that results in more dangerous and effective play.His goal last night illustrated that.

Did Man Utd shoot themselves in the foot yesterday thinking too much about mid-week?

Messi is better. Ronaldo is faster but he cannot make the difference as Messi can because he pretty much always does the exact same thing. It looks like he has one trick on his book and he uses it over and over again.

Messi, on the other hand, is an unpredictable player who can do pretty much anything. He always makes the difference on big games, remember his hat trick against Real Madrid where he singlehandedly gave Barça a draw that could give them the title at the end of the season. Messi is technically more gifted than Ronaldo and when he's on fire he just cannot be stopped by anyone.

Deco, the portuguese player, plays with both players at Barcelona and the portugal national team and he said in an interview last month with catalan newspapers Sport that he sees Messi as a more skilled football player than Ronaldo even if they're the 2 best players in the world right now.

Would Chelsea be mad to sell Lampard ?

Messi is a great football player but he is too young, he's nineteen... I'm from Argentina and I'd like Lionel Messi to be the best football player, but I think it's still Ronaldinho (actual, of course... the best is Diego Maradona)
I can't say anything about Ronaldo.

Who is the best romania soccer player?

C. Ronaldo had a better season, but Messi will be better. He plays in a stronger league, has proved that he can be decisive in some big games (not most of them though), and he relies more on his skills, while C. Ronaldo relies on his speed. Not to mention Messi is more intelligent.

But in all honesty, as much as I like Messi, I think people overrate this goal a bit. It is marvellous for sure, but those defenders could have fouled him if they wanted. I mean, one goal doesn't make a season. If he plays like that once every couple of games, then it won't be good. You can't win trophies like that. On the other hand, C. Ronaldo, even though not as skilled, showed more consistency this season. So we'll have to wait and see. But Messi definitely has more talent and potential.

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