A question for Everton fans?

How can you be oblivious as to why L.F.C is the best team on Merseyside. Your team is nothing but a bunch of clog wearers that has no idea how to play the game. If the object of the game was to kick the living daylights out of the opposition you'd be second only to Bolton. Learn how to play the beautiful game and then come back and say you deserve more recognition. L.F.C forever, YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE, WE WON IT 5 TIMES.


It aint soccer its football dont insult the beutifull game college students?

Their is only 2 decent teams in Merseyside...Liverpool and Liverpool reserves

Who is great indian footballer 4m sikkim?

Everton and Liverpool - one and the same - thieving scousers.

I am watching bundesliga's matches from the site bwin.com!do you know if it's totally free?

Your just frustrated because you guys drew at home.. Which is kinda sad, i mean Liverpool need to look realistically towards the title, instead, here they are twiddling thier thumbs... Big Reports about Dirk Kuyt going in for the swoop... Come down to earth mates, then we'll see ..
PS I'm not an Everton fan, but I don't really like Liverpool.

Where could i get euro 2008 qualifying dvds?

SOUR GRAPES it is always the same when you shower cannot even beat the " supposedly " 2nd best team on Merseyside. Whenever LFC beat the great EFC then we are meant to desrve it but when that does not happen EFC were either lucky or we are a disgrace and cant play the game properly

Whos gonna win the footie? Ireland or France?

Is that why you couldn't beat us this year? Liverpool is a bunch of over-rated imports who rely on Gerard for everything. Best thing liverpool ever did was to have their fans kill a few italians at the european cup final. Hope you find a new arab to buy the club, then you can watch as more over-priced tourists pull on the red rag & lose the title chase, again.

Do you think man U v Roma game was suspect?

Typical idiotic football fan who knows 4k all about the game ..... Liverpool fans are always ranting on about how good (hahaha) they are.. you were at home against a team below you, they set there stall out and asked the question,,, ARE YOU GOOD ENOUGH TO BREAK US DOWN... and the fact is YOUR NOT.. so instead of asking why like an intelligent supporter ,you slag off the opposition.. VERY CLEVER

And by the way im not an Everton fan im a Man Utd fan, We get this all the time, difference being WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH to break teams down when they play that way

How funny was it that Liverpool lost yet again ?

its the same old with you 2 its how each team play against each other and where they finish in the leauge not on paper god wake up and smell the cheese stop being so self absesed anyway liverpool only formend because everton changed grounds and moved to the stadium their at now get evry fact before you critisis

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