All northern football teams are rubbish, especially Newcastle! agree?


Lampard or gerrard?

Typical woman
This is probably the argument of her dad and shes just humouring him
knows nothing about football though...proved it when she said she supports reading


Is M.mahdavikia the best football player in FC hamburg team ?

No ...

World soccer magazines?

no... liverpool

I SUPPORT UNITED, AND I HATE IN ORDER CHELSKI,POOL,ARSENAL,& then shity. stalker is this what you want ?


Where do colliers wood utd play?

Each of them is a serious challenge to other european teams, so dont be so harsh in your judgement.

Manchester United fans?

i dont agree with u

Where can i find a dvd of the 1999 womens world cup final?

yea! except man u - the greatest football team int universe + the most globally famous team in the premiership

Where can I find the played matchs,minutes, complete games, yellow-red cards and the goals that he hasrecieved

Yup, even tho the scoreline Weds suggests they battered us (villa). it was only our inability not to score (and dodgy refereeing) that cost us. Ahh well...

Where can I watch live soccer matches like barcelona,real madrid on the internet?

hey wait a sec now!ok newcastle havent won a trophy for a long time doesnt mean we are rubbish!if we are still in the uefa cup,play good football,always give teams a gd game,all we need is a couple of decent defenders and stop picking that muppet bramble!let me guess you support?which of the top 4?ahh.....newcastle beat them didnt they?missing like 14 players as well!nothing new there i supose!NOW YOUR CONTARDICTING YOURSELF!you didnt just say newcastle!you said''ALL NORTHERN FOOTBALL TEAMS ARE RUBBISH,ESPECIALLY NEWCASTLE!by the way what age are ya?you know every players bday?c'mon thats just sad!to be honest before you said all this rubbish i liked reading,but now i cant wait till they lose!remember wigan last yr?look where they are now.that will be reading next yr.hope kevin doyle leaves he deserves to play for a proper club!

Who is the manager of manchester united fc?

Man Utd, Liverpool, Blackburn,Bolton,Everton,Newca... .. All in top ten in the premiership...Count them ,,6 out of 10 are northern ... How many FA Cups,European Cups, League Cups have they won between them?.A F**k sight more than the southern tossers....Go Away, you silly little girl

Is ali karimi living bayer munich?

You are clearly deluded my girl. Man U are the most famous club in the world, followed by (and Ihate to say it) Liverpool. These 2 clubs are the most successful in the history of the English game.

How much do Championship football managers earn?

How many times have northern teams won the Prem compared to Southern Teams..... thats Q1

Q2 Test your knowledge of your team... Where did they play B4 Mad Stad...

Q3 Which 2 NORTHERN teams did your Manager used to play for

I await your answers..

Dont ya just love """REAL""" fans

Question for Real Football Fans.?..?

What about Middlesbrough who drew with arsenal today? I agree that Newcastle havent won much since Shearer and Bobby Robson retired. The Mackems or Sunderland are doing well under Roy Keane who are plying the playoffs.

Help, left defender?

danielle if you have a tiff with your geordie fella please don't take it out on us theres some great teams north of the watford gap lol.except newcastle

Arsenal v Liverpool predictions?

Yes but so are your lot they re just lucky at mo

Within British football is St Johnstone the only team to have a 'J' in it?

you know every player's birthday?? That's actually rather sad. There is a life waiting for you somewhere.


You're delusional if you think Southern teams nurture the sort of passion their Northern counterparts do. You must be joking. Oh and believe me the most successful clubs in England are ALL North of Reading.

Champions league question?

i love Man United because it the best team right now

Liverpool V AC Milan, advice on what bets I should place? I have £20 to spend.?

pig you

Is there any Kidderminster Harriers fans out there goin to the final at wembley?

No! You want to go and see Darlington play - true northern grit. I think you'll find that reading (prem) could only beat us on penalties

Your greatest goal?

hey what about charlton west ham watford mk dons orient

FA Cup replay?

you should be making the Yorkshire puds not watching the boys

Fantasy 11?

AGREE!and i"m a geordie fan ,the dagenham girl pipers have a better eleven!!

Who is the best player in the history?

Think about it dear Liverpool most succesful club in Europe Man .Utd First English Club to win The original European Cup in 1967 against Beneficaa at Wembley and yes Newcastle are Rubbish but give em time they might yet win something, as for them southerners YUCK. they suck,

Whos the shortest football player currently playing and how tall is he!?



Who else likes Hleb?

NO! I don't think it's right to insult any soccer team, it does not matter how poorly they perform!

Where are the American fans?

well i support liverpool im not a season ticket holder and i dont know every players birthday and thats because i have a life

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