Can football kill porverty all over the world?


Is peter drury the most annoying commentator ever?

No, but pigskin can.

Ever eat pigskin?

Really delicious. Italians know what I'm talking about.

Now there's Flooding in Indonisia - who'll make are footballs?

kill poverty? im not sure what you mean, but i think that football stars should be paid alot less, and the money saved could be used to help the environment or the people.

Rooney vs. F. Torres?

I don't think all over the world but it would defenetly be a good help. The wold bigest sport does make changes in a lot of countries and communities.

Why are united players wearing black armbands today?

yep, football can be used to kill poverty all over the world, imagine if a poor country like zimbabwe won the world cup, just imagine what the prize money will be used for.

Do u know cesc fabregas fan site??

I agree with Leonard, NO.
I also agree with Leonard that pigskin is in fact quite delicious.

Who will score the 1st goal tonight for Man Utd...i say Ronaldo will?

why not?
soccer includes more money than any other sport
if the profit from this sport is contributed to poor ppl
they may overcome poverty!
& this world may bcome poverty free

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