15 years old...too late to learn soccer?

Ok lets see here, im 15 and ive never played soccer (except in gym class) and all of a sudden ive become VERY interested in it. ive recently signed up for a league in my town and our first game is in a couple days. weve had 5 practices and honestly im not doing so good. i mean im not horrible but i honestly think i can do better. everybody on my team is saying that they have been playing for 4 to 8 years and ive been questioning if i should play still. what do u think?


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As a long time player/coach I would say the most important thing is that you have fun and give a good effort. Skills and game knowledge can only come with time and training but if you are willing to give 100% effort and show up for every practice and game then you should keep playing. The more you play the more you will improve so keep at it.

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Dont quit! Seriously i've been in your situation before and you'll totally regret it if you give up now. Although you may not be good now, you have a passion for it and if you just keep on practicing you'll find yourself dramatically improving

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sure if u like doing it stick to it, at least ur havin fun

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I know people who've been playing since they were 7!!
Dude, your really late.
Try something that's not as hard to learn or practice intensly for 4 hours a day, if you want to be as good as the people who've been playing forever.

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Its never to late to learn anything... especially if you are talking about the best sport in the world...SOCCER... all you have to do is practice A LOT.. thats what all pro players do EVERY DAY... they attend practice... one other thing dont pay attention to what your team mates say (thats them not you) my suggestion is watch soccer and learn from those amazing players out there to see what it takes! and one thing BE CONFIDENT!!

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don't quit,they say practice makes perfect no matter your age,get a soccerball and do some drills on your own you'll get the hang of it,good luck

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It's too late to be any good, but you can still have fun(Y)

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you never to old to learn if you put your mind to it you can come one of the best players in the world you will never know until you try

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Honey, it's NEVER too late to learn anything. You'll be learning every day until you die. Keep trying and just have FUN. That's all that matters, is that you have a good time. Some things we try are hard at first, but the more we do them, the easier they become. Don't give up. You can do anything you want!
PS. I know you'll do great at your first game. Think positive!

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its never too late to learn! if anything, you should keep it up to get some exercise and keep yourself in shape while having fun. however, dont expect miracles. if you go on the pitch thinking you want to be a pro soccer player, youre going to be greatly disappointed. but if you ignore those jerks on your team and just do what you like, you'll have fun and enjoy it!

i say, keep it up.

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hey ,

i am a soccer player too, and when i first got in a team i was about your age... right now i am 17yrs old. when i first got in i was all negative.. i thought that everybody was better than me just because they have been playing for a long time.. i started to practice, and i was not improving... yeah i felt bad but then i said to myself that if i really wanted to improve i was going to always try my best and never give up. and this would be my 3rd year playing, and i have become a better player.. i played in my school on the varsity team and was captain... i aint trying to show off or anything, but this is to let you know that even if you are a started i bet that you can play better than any guy that have years playing..

don't give up, soccer is fun!!: }

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If you like it, keep it up.

If you are not comfortable with the league, you could play on a more informal basis, like pickup games in parks, or something like that to start.

Practice makes perfect.

You can practice juggling the ball on your own and that helps with ball control.

You can practice trapping and kicking, in different ways with a friend.

I know some leagues are competitive and kids start playing when they are 4 years old.

My Dad was a soccer coach and had a camp so I learned from that.

I did not play on a team until I was 16 or 17 years old, which was the first year my high school had a girls' team.

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no, some people start a later age and end up being really good. you might not be as good as some people in the begining but if you practice alot you'll be just as good.

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What are you kidding? You're not too old!
Just because those kids have been playing for longer it doesn't make them more gifted or talented then you. I know kids whove been playing wayyyy longer then me in actual leagues and who suck. I only got into really highly expensive and competitive leagues when I was 15.. before that I had to settle for school leagues and competitive leagues that were cheaper (or ones that I got scholarships for). However, I was still the top scorer when I went up to the big leagues...

Trust me, when you're that old, having played in leagues for 4 or even 8 years doesn't make a difference. Stick to it, just practice. Practice makes perfect! Seriously. Go outside every day and practice your skills.. I did that before my first trial when I was 15 and they were so impressed. Try it.

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You should totally play! Don't worry you will catch on quicker than you think!

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I have 3 kids that play soccer. I have been watching them for the last 10 years. Just this past July I started playing (indoor) never played before and I love it even at the age of 45. Don't quit, it's lots of fun.

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For the love of God, KEEP AT IT! Soccer is the worlds most popular sport by far. It's a universal language. If you travel almost anywhere, go and play with locals.

Anyways, there's a lot you can do to get better. Obviously, you got to practice, but that's kind of general. If you have, oh maybe $20-$30 to spare, get some cones, a ball, and a size 1 miniball (it looks and feels exactly like a normal but.. it's just shrunk.) Go anywhere where theres a solid wall you can kick hard against, a park or school playground is usually a good place to look.

To improve your dribbing, line up the cones about 4-5 feet apart, and dribble through them, zigzagging. Time yourself, and try to improve on it.

To improve your passing, juss pass the ball against the wall over and over and over and over and over. Kick soft, hard, in the air, on the ground, just mix it up. This helps a TON.

To improve your passing/shooting accuracy, either take one cone, put it in front of the wall and try to knock it over, or take two cones and try to get it in between them.

To improve your shooting, just take a few more steps back and kick it hard. Remember - if you hit the ball right in the center, it will go strait. If you get under it, it will pop up. If you hit over it, part of the force will go into the ground, and you won't get as much power behind it. You can also chalk out a goal into the wall - regulation size is 8 feet high by 24 feet wide.

Finally, wherever you go in your house, just dribble the miniball around. I've been dribbling one around for a few years now, and I really think it's given me much better overall control of the ball.

Anyways, just stay motivated, soccer is the most important sport to be good at. Also, if you have access to a goal with a net, that's probably better than a wall for shooting. If there's no net, don't bother because having to retrieve the ball every time get annoying fast.

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it sounds like we are in the same boat. i just started this past fall. also i've become very interusted in soccer. i don''t have that much experiance. and i'm about to turn 14.like u i'm not terrible but i'm not great. what i think is play if u have a passion for the game. thats what I do and that's all that really matters.

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Go for it Eric If you have the heart and passion for the game your team will recognize that and help you. I coached JV soccer and last season we had a player who was fast but no skills. He scored a goal as his team mates kept feeding him the ball in the box which is the easiest place to score form. I never played soccer until college. I played GK first which is the most difficult position. Talk to your coach and practice at home. If the coach is not positive with you maybe you need to just play pick up games or do that anyway. Good Luck

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No matter how old you are you can always learn to play a sport. Soccer is a great sport I been playing since I was in 2nd grade. You should continue to play and just always remember practice makes perfect instead of always just only practicing with the team practice with your friends become better its always better to say you tried then you didnt. Just because they have had many experience with the sport doesn't mean you can't become just as good in a shorter period of time.

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If you're thinking about playing professionally, it may be too late.

But you could research a guy called Brian McClair, a Manchester United striker from arund 15 years ago. Wikipedia him.

He was a top player who joined the game late.

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Nothing is too late!!
As long as you have your heart in it, you can get through it.
As long as you work hard, there is nothing as impossible.
As long that you believe in yourself, you can do it.
And don't you ever hear the sayings, "When there is a will, there is a way" ?
I am sure that you can do it.
Good Luck.

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