9 points clear!! boy does it feel good!?

Question:yaaay! if chelski lose tomorrow well be 12 points ahead and that would be sooooo cool! so whats the chances arsenal will pick up the 3 points instead of chelskI?
routing for the gunners!!

x...X...x15yr old girl UKx...X...x


Do you think Jose Mourinho?

i hope chelsea lose!!

Name an instance (not because of disqualification) that a soccer game has been won without scoring a goal.?

I'm hoping for Chelsea to win and Liverpool to get pass Arsenal in the rankings.

Geerrard again?

Well im a gunner so i always hope they win. Most likely it looks like a draw. So u guys are gonna be 10 points clear. Nothing to stop u?

Anyone know of any transaction rumors?

chelsea cannot loose tomorrow, it is just impossible. may be a draw. I am a United fan, i will be happy to them loose, but at the moment, i am just playing for a draw. Who knows what will happen anyway, the ball is still round!

Why Are Leeds Fans So Mardy??

if chelski lose we still remain 9 points clear but they still have a game in hand but i know what you mean.

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