A question 2 all soccer fans?

Question:Why do all of u h8 cristiano ronaldo?
And y do u h8 manchster united?


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I don't hate Cristiano Ronaldo nor do I hate Manchester United. Both are brilliant.

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I hate him, he dived like a fairy to win a penalty at White Hart Lane the other day. cheatin daygo

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i don't. i detest other teams but won't mention names.

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First of all I'm a Celtic man and I dont think we all do hate Man Utd and Ronaldo. Many a time I would watch Man Utd and wish we had players like Giggs, Beckham, Eric Cantona. Then lets not forget Alex Ferguson what a great Manager, so sorry buddy, we dont all hate Man Utd.

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I don't hate him, i think he is a very talented player.....he's just playing for the 'wrong team.'

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CR is widely disliked because he has a habit of falling over pretty easily at the slightest touch. But there's no denying he's a very talented player..its just that he spoils things with his behaviour sometimes.

Man, Utd. are hated because...they are Man. Utd.

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i support everton and dont hate either the sooner united pass l'pools record of league and cup wins the better ;-)

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I hate C.Ronaldo because he is a giant crybaby. Did you see the England vs Portugal World Cup game? He goes down like a little girl if you bump into him or sneeze. No guts, no heart. He should learn from Giggs-how to be a man not a little crying girl.
I hate Man U because I'm an Arsenal fan-we did the double this season though! I will say that Sir Alex is a good coach and Ryan Giggs is one of my all-time favorites.

Who is better at the Sport of soccer?

I don't like him b/c he dives and he's so feminine looking. It's disgusting. Quit waxing your eyebrows and grow a beard or something.

I don't hate Utd. But I should since I like Arsenal.

Does anyone know how long k Toure of arsenal will be suspended for and from when ?

Your a fuc*ing moron!

I like Man U and Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players of all time already.

But for you to address this to all "soccer" fans, makes you either a 14-year old girl from the USA or a fuc*ing loser

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Nothing personal or recent but have always hated Man U - they are so damned smug. Christiano Ronaldo - no strong emotions either way.

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1 word SCUM

Is Frank Lampard the most overrated player that the world of football has ever known?

i don't hate my team, as for ronaldo i don't hate him either. for those that hate him, you always try to hate something you love.

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why such hostility? i don't hate Ronaldo or Man Unt. Ronaldo and Man. Unt are the best. 'hate' is a strong word, don't u agree?

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nope.don't hate Ronaldo or Man. U...

In fact Ronaldo is my favorite player...

Also..and this goes for all great players, no matter what sport it is.

The home crowd always boos the opposing team's best player..that is why Ronaldo is bood by the rest of England.(they wish he was on their team)..


Anyone who plays soccer answer this?

I don't hate him or Man U!

Man U rules and they're gonna win the premiership!

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First of all I am a football fan,the team I support is West Ham they are the nearest team to where I was born 66 years ago.I don't hate any team and when watching football on television I will still applaud any good play that I see who ever it is.Why is it that now you can only say good things about your own team.Many of todays stars play to the referee and most teams have got someone that dives,I am sure that they are told to perfect their diving on the training grounds.There is also another thing that bothers me certain goalkeepers seem to think that nobody is allowed in their penalty area,whats that all about.

Who is the sickest Player on Brazil?

He's the world's best player who is playing for the world's best club...

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