& if it was'nt a goal. Why no free kick?

Dont get me wrong, UTD deserved to loose. They by far more chancs & mised them. But even peter cheq said it went over the line. So why did'nt the ref give a free kick?


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The referee was rubbish. Firstly, he failed to spot the foul on Giggs by Essien before Giggs connected with the ball. If he had spotted that, the goal line issue would have never been a talking point. Secondly, he was quite close to the incident, so he had to see the ball behind the line, but he was just too scared to give the goal. In fact, he got so scared that he forgot to give the supposed "free kick". All in all, Steve Bennett was rubbish. Or maybe he's a Chelski fan.

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Think you mean why wasn't Giggs sent off for such a violent challenge

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he bottled it

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Who said it was a violent challenge? Get real, it was no way violent.
Yep it was a goal.
Man Utd were robbed on that one and this is coming from a Liverpool fan who usually don't give Man Utd anything.

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good question mate! the ref`s decisions should be questioned and put right after the game. sometimes the ref`s dont see everything and should not be allowed to make final decisions when it is clearly wrong.

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i was thinking the exact same thing it did go over the line so if they are not going to give the goal give the free kick...

ManUtd or Chelsea 2 win premiership?

terrible decision by the ref, but congrats to chelsea.

Is there anyone on here who isn't interested in the Premiership?

united didn't derve to lose
OK it wasn't a great game
but Chelsea won by luck
and Ryan giggs scored a perfectly good goal
god knows why it was disallowed
and if it was a foul on Petr cech then how come no free kick was given?

overall united had more chances and like u said missed them
It was a shame the referee had a good game
except for that incident with uniteds goal that never was
anyway lets look forward to next season

Man u,Ac milan,chelsea or liverpool who will be the winner in this year's champ league?

The Ref played the "Advantage Rule" cos the goalie was in posession...

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thats wat i thought

Why do people always sing Chelsea are rich when Manchester United are even richer,I?

the ref got it wrong

Can Chelsea win the Premiership again?

Because the ref played advantage for some strange reason.

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