!!!! Help Please !!!!?

I really like a girl but she dont know who i am, i see here all then time, but i want to ask her for her number, i hate the fought of being rejected if i do ask her,i'm really shy around girls i dont know so how is the best way to ask her, please help me


Who is the captain of Argentina in soccer team?

What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger--go for it! Walk up to her, AND when she's not with her friends, and ask her! The only thing you'll lose is pride...If she rejects you, then play it cool...Take it as a sign that she just wasn't worth daydreaming over...Good Luck!

Who do u reckon the best manager ever is?

You only live once, just do it.

Shaun wright phillips, whats he learning?

Write her a letter?

Roman Abromovich and Chelsea?

Learning to speak English properly would be a good first step to having this poor girl understand you.

For all arsenal fans...?

Until you take a chance, you will NEVER get the girl. You'll never know the answer till you ask. Just be yourself and go for it!

Why do i love ronaldinho like that?

Just do it.

Who would be a better soccer player George W Bush or John Kerry?

tell her:'' I forgot my phone number, can you give me your?''

Dose playing soccer really make you smarter?

Well i m impressed about your love.You can try to meet her or talk by mess.You can ask about her hobby etc.You don t rush
or forced to meet.

Good lock

Want to buy a werder bremen football kit for my boy. cant find one anywhere.?

just ask her. i don't think she'll have a problem specially if you're good looking.

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am i in the wrong section?

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