A about sport betting(correct score ) football?

Question:correct score is really impossible for bettors to get money from it?
if a team vs b team and i going to bet on 0:0 what things do i need to pay attention?
also ,, wait and see (observation) is useful in football betting?
i want a professional sport bettor to teach me how to win and make a little from betting..plz
and last question ,is ,people do betting for living ?
i want to learn sport betting.someone plz
cheers and thanks.


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You have to bet on sure things or almost sure things because there arent realy any in sport. If you get a premiership match like Man Utd v Liverpool you arent going to bet much on the outcome, but say for instance you get Man Utd v Northwich in the cup, who are you going to bet on? These are the extremes but if you know your stuff you can bet on doubles, trebles or more. Bet a double like yesterday you could have had Man Utd to beat Charlton and England to beat Italy, therefore increasing the odds on the same stake.


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dont be silly i was a betting shop manager for corals for 11 years and there is no easy or sure thing to beat the bookies save your money

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