A ? About USA National Soccer Team Win over Mexico February 07?

I have two questions about the win over Mexico 2-0 on February 8, 2007. First, it seemed like the US attack got better and the chances increased when Landon Donovan moved back to midfield, why doesn't he play back there all the time and feed balls up to the strikers? He is obiously the best crosser on the team and this seems pretty normal as aren't Ronhaldino, Zidane etc midfielders. Second, did anyone see the Mexican goalie try to trip the US player after the second goal was in the back of the net? What reprocussions may come of this?


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There will be no repercussions to his actions unless the USSF presses the issue to FIFA. If the outcome were different and the US had lost or that goal would not have gone in, more would be made of it. We'll take the high road and be gracious winners rather than sore losers, which is unfortunate for Mexico (my peeps). They need to face the music and make changes to their training and team tactics so they can beat us. If they can not beat us, it will make it less likely to ever get to a WC final or semifinal.
As far as Donovan being a stiker, he needs to play center mida dn let EJ move up. Donovan playes a better mid in my eyes and we can see him for the brilliant player he used to be. He needs to step up and control more of the game. Now if he can only be consistant. If he can't be consistant then he will eventually lose the starting position to Cooper, EJ or someone else.
Overall the team played well with a few poor moments. The defense was awesome. Conrad played great. Bornstien will win a starting position by 2010. Bring in Gooch to center the backs with Bocanegra along with Conrad and Ricko Clark. Move Bornstein to defensive mid. They will be fine in the tournaments this summer. Props to Bradly and Nowak.

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I agree with you. Donovan needs to stay back in the midfield and and help open up the field. As for you 2nd question, I don't think any reprocussions are going to come of it.

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USA is getting better b/c they have a lot of people from other countries playing and what not. But it's ok..this is a Melting pot country.
Mexico losing...well I have no comment abou that. We always hold our breath for a butt kicked Mexican soccer team yet it seems to never happen. I beginning to give up on them. Blah!!...
Kinda pissed of Mexican haven't stepped up their game. But whatever..it was a friendly yet important match where once again..USA stomped all over us.

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That goalie was a jackass! then the whole team not shaking hands after the match? The Mexican team has no class. Actions should be taken against the goalie. There's no excuse for behaving in such a manner. As for Donovan, you're correct he should be in midfield.

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