(Arsenal fans) Who do you think is better..?

Question:Thierry Henry, Tomas Rosicky or Julio Batista?
I could not really choose but Batista is the player I like best at he moment, plus he is player of the month.


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Henry is the best his record goes to prove it.
Batista is also my favorite and will eventually take the mantle off henry as the best

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although Fabregas is a midfielder, I think he's the best

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well as u go on the current form julio baptista is the best but however if u go for the performance from the start of the season than its henry the best

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This season i think the best Gunner has been Robin V. Persie. Obviously he's injured so we tend to forget about him. Henry's impact his been minimal due to his 6 week absence, however Henry's equalizer and game winner against Middlesbrough and Man Utd show why he is invaluable...putting him above the great Tomas Rosicky and the "beast" Julio Baptista



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Its got to be Henry, but give Rosicky time and he will be up there with the greats. His technical ability is amazing

Who do you prefer: Liverpool or Chelsea?

Henry, hands down. i love the beast, and rosicky is awesome. but henry is a solid, smart amazing player. gotta love him.

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for the best player i'll choose henry who will become a LEGEND in he's own calss. rosicky is realy talented player with a persistence performance. baptista just got the touch and he will keep on going. so ARSENAL is THE BEST TEAM EVER!

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they all sh.it

Question for Spurs fans (King, Lennon & Berbatov)?

Jens Lehmann. talk about crucial match winning saves He's the man for the job and underrated by his standards

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Henry's record speaks for itself so i would say that he is the best! although all 3 players have very good qualities! and they also play in 3 different positions

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Batista Herny and Rosicky are well class players they all have 100% from me

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They are all great players but Henry is simply more than a player as he makes the game, create goals and motivate the team.


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Thierry Henry will always be no.1 for me .
then following him would be:
Robin Van Persie
Francesc Fabregas
Kolo Toure
Jens Lehmann
Emmanuel Eboue
Tomas Rosicky
Julio Baptista
Gilberto Silva
Frederik Ljungberg(read in the "Metro" this morning that he ain't going nowhere ... not AC Milan, not Real Madrid ... he's gonna be a Gunner for good ! *yay*)
Emmanuel Adebayor(he's slowly, but surely working his way up to the top !)
Aleksandr Hleb
Phillipe Senderos
Mathieu Flamini
and the 2 that'll be up there with the best verii. verii soon, are my boys
Theo Walcott & Gael Clichy . just give them a bit more time!

What do u think about Nemanja Vidic (MU) ? Did u know a team where he became a star?

Thierry has had a shining record, and is best at the moment, but Arsene Wenger has got plans. Have you SEEN the beauty of our younger players? The premiership is going to change next season, and the old fogies at Man U won't be able to keep up.

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thierry henry is the greatest ,but baptista is playing really well lately hopefully he'll be back from injury soon

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Tomas Rosicky.

Oh my GOD!!!?

Thierry Henry all the way! He's the leading scorer for Arsenal, and he's sworn his loyalty to the Gunners! :D

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Despite being a ManUtd fan, Thierry Henry remains the best Arsenal player because of his vavavooom.

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