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Question:*what is the difference between a football club and a national football team?
*which club and team does christiano ronaldo play for?


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football club:
an organisation on it's own and is privately owned and run. anyone can own one, as long as you have the money. a football club plays in the league of the country which it is in. for example, FC Barcelona plays in La Liga (Spain), Newcastle United plays in the English Premier League (England), AC Milan plays in Serie A (Italy). players from a football club can be from any country though some leagues have restrictions on the number of foreign players a team can field.

national football team:
think of it in terms of the Olympics. the national football team consists solely of players who are citizens of that particular country. they compete in international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, Asian Games, UEFA European Championship.. etc.

Christiano Ronaldo plays for the Portugese national team (he's the skipper, or captain) and for Manchester United in the EPL.

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a football club is a privately owned and run club with no particular affinity to any country,other than that they play in the league of the country they are from...but their players can be from anywhere.

a national football team purely represents it's country and all the players have to be from that country originally,or have taken residency there.

Ronaldo is Portugese,so he plays for the Portugese national team and Manchester United.

What do the terms "United", "City", "Town", etc mean in terms of English football clubs?

National team is for the country and only citizens of that country can play for them. They play against other national teams but not as regularly as the clubs. The clubs can buy players from any country. They play in leagues, and cups and play nearly every weekend.
C. ronaldo plays for Portugal (national Team) and Manchester United (club).

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football club is based usually in a local city and named as such, national football team represents a country ie. England

Christiano Ronaldo plays for Manchester United to my knowledg and naitonally Portugal

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yes please :D oh ya sorry the question lol well the main difference between a football club and country is that a club plays usually week in week out in europe from august to may and can sign and sell players. For your country you need to earn a call up to play for them but you dont need to be from that country there has been cases of players from one country playing for another country. best example is Ireland. Players who have mothers or fathers or grandparents can declare to play for a team that there folks etc are from even if they live in a diff country. C. Ronaldo plays for Man Utd and Portugal

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answer to your last question
wayne rooney
louis saha
c ronaldo
ryan giggs
paul scholes
michael carrick
patrice evra
rio ferdinand
nemanja vidic
gary neville
edwin van der sar

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the football club usually plays for one part of the country. it could be just a county, a state or a city. but the national football team represents the whole country. it doesn't matter where no one is form exactly. they all play for the whole country pride nationwide.

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At a football club can play football players from want country the president and the coach from that team want.At the national team are playing the best football players from a country and even they aren't from that country,if they have the citizenship of that country,they can play for it.Cristiano Ronaldo playes for Manchester United and is number 7 at for Portugal and there is captain too and he is number 17!
Cristiano Ronaldo

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C. Ronaldo plays for Manchester United (english club) and Portugal (national team). Manchester United players: Ryan Giggs, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Saha, Gary Naville, Rio Ferdinand...

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