Choose one wish to come true?


i guess you all know

being with RONALDINHO for one night only


Schweinsteiger jersey?

to play EPL club..

Beckham to be earning $1,000,000,00 a week? (£514,482.12) thats amazing good luck to him?

to become rich because my family is in dept right now

My Bloke supports Man U and i support Chelsea?

Playing a scrimmage with the Brazilian international team.

Robbie keane's 92 min winner for spurs??

man u to win the treble

English the continued underachievement down to the managers?they usually take all the blame?

well my wish is the same one as yours being with ronaldinho but not for one night only cuz i dont want him just for that i want him to be with me forever that will be my wish

Ukranian soccer player?


Hot and David Beckham!?

lmao!! youre so cool haha.

um other then united winning the treble id want to spend a day with manchester united fc.. so i could play against them and just get to know them!

Do you think that Barca can do it?


Who is the most successful English Football Club?

hehe,yeah being with ronaldinho but more than only one

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