"IF" Man scUm win the treble again, will another batch of glory hunters appear out of no where again??

Question:like last time. suddenly everyone claimed to be a die hard man u fan.

even little plebs that didn't watch man u at all up till that point.


Is the Asian cup 2007 going to be shown on any of the US local channels?? I really want to see it.?

i agree with you. i travel over from ireland as often as i can. usually about 6 or 7 times work permitting. last season after the man utd --man city derby my son & i were talking to a man city season ticket holder who held the same view he lived near old trafford & actually knew quite a few [so called fans] who only presented themselves as man utd fans after our 99 treble win we are better off without them

Kaka best player in the world?

Most certainly.

Fair Weather fans.

Is there a way i can get getty image pictures without that logo?

This is bias ... but one thing you've got to say about Man Utd (even when they were in the old second division back in 76-77) is that they've always had a massive support. Unlike Chelsea, who averaged gates of just 6000 when they were in the old second division back in 1989.

Any evidence that Ronaldinho is better than Zidane in soccer?

Probably. I would imagine Chelsea and Arsenal have lost a few armchair supporters already, not that this will make a jot of difference to their real support in their grounds.

Why were all the italian games postponed today?

You KNOW they will.

I want to watch Tottenham hotspurs v Braga on internet.?

i know what you mean i live 11 mile from Manchester centre and once they win its like loads of lads walking round with brand new manu tops on.
its the same with so called England fans Ive seen them just walking up and down the street when England are playing, they have all the England shirts on and i think, if your such big fans why are they not watching the game ??

Arsenal rocks?

That's a pretty big if.I'm hoping that they'll get knocked out of the Champions League, but if it does happen I assure you that everyone that watches only one or two football matches a year will be sporting a Red Devils kit whoreishly.

Does Anyone want to Play in a 7 A Side Football Tournament In Newquay (June 07)?

more than likely, my husband is a life long fan and it really pisses him off when this happens

Where can I find full clips of Manchester United 98/99 season?

i don't think it matters at all...all the teams,icluding Chelsea,have full stadiums whenever they are playing...

Did they say Ferguson's annual budget is 25 million pounds or 25 million pounds and another 25 for superstar


Glory-hunters are ALL the SAME, - they have no IDEA, about the MEANING of "LOYALTY"!

What time is the 2007 Champions Legue Final in Athens?

I think you are referring to Man U as in Manchester United, owned by American Malcom Glazer. In the United States, the word scum is used exclusively for college teams from the University of Michigan as the scUM football team, the scUM basketball team. Scum could also refer to any team in the state scUM is located such as Detroit and its hockey team, the Detroit SCUM Dead Things or its baseball team, Detroit SCUM Tigers.

Calling all man utd fans?

not me i supported man u b4 they are going to win the treble

Can you believe how United rolled over and died? One thing you expect from an English club is passion when?

I'm hoping Roma beats them. Could care less either way, I'm American, we're not born into what team we cheer for, I just watch because the guys are amazing athletes and I've been watching basketball, baseball, and football for 24 years now and it is getting boring.

If You All Hate MANure United..?

Sure happens in every sport.

Who is the best footballer in man u?

As a Man Utd is an english team, and they where playing in the european final, most english ppl should infact be at least supporting united to win that game. Therefore all these plebs u talk about will at least have been cheering on an english team. :)

Say we could have a GB football team?

No doubt the glory hunters will appear,all successful teams attract that kind of support. Does it really matter? I don't think so.

Sh't west ham lost again?

yes they probably would, but they wont win the treble anyway...they will win the league & that will be it...chelsea will win the fa cup & play milan in champions league final...i gotta feelin that man utd might not get past roma...

Psychic hotline!?

That's a big IF.

Will Ronaldo be a success at AC milan and prove his striking ability?

These people you mention are not football fans but glory hunters.They have a wardrobe full of old football shirts from whoever is at the top at any given moment.they are easily spotted when there ( team ? ) scores a goal they cheer but not with passion.

Why does steve mcclaren still have a job?

If this does happen (and at least it will be close on a UK team), I am sure that many red& white plus blue shirts will be going back into the cupboard!

How will Beckham play in the US?

Probably. Just the same as all the berks who'll buy Chelsea shirts round ours (North West) if they win the treble and claim they've always liked Chelsea...or all the never been to Anfield Liverpool fans cos they 'can't get a ticket'.happens to all clubs when they become successful...

My cousin shamefully did the same when Blackburn won the league...pathetic..shes a never been to Anfield Liverpool fan now.

Which club does does odonkor play for?

Perhaps from kids, which is understandable. They look at teams winning trophies and think, I want to be like them etc, but they will also gain more haters. Man U have always had a huge fan base anyway and it has steadily grown over the years. It was not instantaneous.

Does anyone know when the rematch against USA and MEXICO is?

yes, i'm a season ticket holder at old trafford and i know people who change their teams like the weather! it is not fair on the true fans because we get called glory hunters due to these people. We could go into the conference and i'd still cheer them on week in, week out!!

When is your favorite Player's birthday?

Of course there will be ~ that little batch proberly supported liverpool cos they won champs league!
I f?cking HATE glory followers ~ why cant people just support a team through thick or thin these days (like me).
I cant be a glory follower being a leeds and exeter city fan!! (im exeter cos i was born there)

Soccer Fans and Players. Your input is needed. If You Please?

Obviously you entertain the idea that a treble could be a possibility, what a nightmare... for some of us it's just a dream if only we had a theatre to make our dreams reality never mind in never never land.. we'll never get old and bitter and twisted.

Preston v Birmingham?

No doubt crawling out of the woodwork.

Who are the best club south of London?

of course. but then... they still have the biggest fan base even without the glory hunters!

Will djibril cisee get another chance at liverpool?

that's for sure half of them hasn't seen the sky over old trafford

Who thinks T wallcot will will be the best striker england will ever see? Guns to shoot down the pool tonight!

unfortunately they probably will, thats why i liked it when slobba downmicockyabitch bought chelsea coz it kept all the cockney day trippers in the south!! but we will win the trble and we will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on!! first proper treble this countrys seen, can't count the scousers plastic treble!! no premiership trophy no treble ha ha thems the rules boys!

So, you think this is the end of Liverpool? see you next year.?

Chelsea also have glory hunters so shut the * up.

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