All passionate Football (soccer) lovers?

No matter from where, or what team! Just want to know who loves the game! All who do, respond yes!


In the 1950s Leeds Utd had a Welsh (I think) black player. Do you know his name please?

YES, I love it

When should boys soccer start for a u12 team?


What is the most amount of penalties taken in a penalty shootout?

on my planet the ball is the size of a small marble.How can you miss the goal with your sizes balls.

What happened to the team formed after the got mad with the glazier takeover of man utd?


We've recovered - can we go on to win?


Indoor soccer goalie tip?


What are the chances of there being an all British CL final this season?

well as a african im born with football in my blood i cant ly
i dont like it i love it

In your honest opninion, despite which club you support, Tottenham or arsenal...?

YES YES and more YES! let me tell those people out there who think its an obsession ITS NOT... for their information its called having a PASSION for the sport!!! WHOever does not like soccer should go live to Jupiter or something they should not criticized our passion for soccer!

Do you think Mexico might ever host The Summer Olympics or The Fifa World Cup?

Eat football sleep football play football
love it

Are there any TV channels where I can watch English Premier Leage football in America?

YES i like U.E.F.A. Champions League, the Romanian Liga 1, the Italian Serie A, Spanish la Liga, English Premier League and U.EF.A. Cup.,

Largest stadium in the world?

YES Love this game all that running love it man

Poor sportmanship - John Terry?


How many quarters are there in a football game?

I am proud to be ADDICTED to SOCCER!

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