A message to all the people who hate ronaldo for the world cup incident.?

Question:Do u really think that if Rooney had not been sent off he would of scored for us?
Even if we had won that game how far wud we have got? Can England really compare to France Italy or Germany?
The truth is we wud of been killed! Especially as our amzing skipper was injured and Robinson couldnt keep to save his life!
If we had gone thru to the semis we wud of been denied to the title of world champions there and this would hurt more!
Wat Ronaldo did at the world cup was what any sportsman shud do his country! Ronaldo has said he did not wish to get Rooney sent off he just wanted justice for Portugal!
When I went to Old Trafford earlier this season as we were leaving some Chelski fans were booing Ronaldo! That is just pathetic! If Rooney himself has forgiven Ronaldo should we all just let this pass!
The truth behind the hate Ronaldo is getting is deep down all England fans knew that we were not good enough to win the cup and Ronaldo was just a pathetic defence for our lose!


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If England played as badly as you spell, they wouldn't even qualify for a World Cup.

I have to ask this ,will wigan go down ,If they do is it deserved are they good enough for the prem?

i tottaly agree wth u

How many will boro beat mancheating utd by on sat & get too semis?

If you check Ronaldo now to when he played when he first arrived he has toned down the diving and acting considerably. Know doubt Sir Alex has had a major influence on him. When he was back amongst the fishermen he seems to have reverted to stereotype - hence the annoyal. He hasn't been badly treated this season.

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you go gal i'm with ya lol.

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England was as good as any other team at that stage. But they had a bonehead for a manager.

Ronaldo isn't;t the sole reason either. But one reason he gets so much stick is he is a damn fine player. Of course other teams fans are going to hassle a guy who is 2ND in goals in the league.

Ferguson?what is wrong with him.?

Learn to IGNORE the IGNORANT. That's what I have done!
Cristiano is a superb player (and handsome as well) and some people resent him for that. However, if they are asked to put an all-star team together, they will include Cristiano Ronaldo. Pay attention to that! Funny, isn't it?

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i totaly agree with you.

general public always likes to put down those that are outstanding in their career.

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OK so as i write this replay may i alert you that today is Jan, 29 in my country 2007. got the picture, it's over what happen happen, but what do you have to say about the wink.

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you got my point..same with Zidane and Materazzi media keep on saying that if Zidane was the reason france lost the world cup ..i mean i enjoy Zidane's talent and everything but if he really was playing good in the world cup he would have scored the goal earlier not in the extra time..and for Rooney he wasnt that good in the match and if he was going to score a goal he would have scored it before...MAN UTD fans forgave him including me and i didnt even hate him in the world cup because i supported Portugal...i think it is time for the others to grow up and forget about all those incident which were last year!!

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