10 points for the best answer?how can i improve my shoot?

i mean how can i shoot the ball like roberto carlos,gerard or c.ronaldo?im soccer player my shoot s powerfull but wanna improve it..(plus im 21)


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Practice and watch the pros

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Strength training and concentration. oh yeah, and practice

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eat lots of carbohydrates and drink redbull
practice a lot

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practice alot ...you said yu already have powerfull shoot so you need to practice
you will get it

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You need to have strong leg muscles in order to hit the ball better and you must also have proper technique. You should go to the gym and do leg muscle workouts to strengthen your leg which will help strengthen your shoot.

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work practice work practice :)

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Slow down your technique. By doing this you will learn how to strike the ball at different points making the ball swerve and bend in different ways. Once you have started mastering the new places to strike the ball, speed up your action again

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Sort out your technique first. There is no point being able to hit the ball hard if you can't hit it with accuracy. Practice hitting the ball without taking a run up, just take a few slow steps, once you feel comfortable, start hitting it a bit harder, take a longer run up. Just keep practicing and you'll get there.

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practice but also kick barefoot the more u get use to kicking the ball with your bare foot the easier it will become to kick it when u have your cleats on

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smart kicks are more important than being able to boot it down the field but kick with the "chest" of your foot and bring your body down and over the ball as you kick (unless you want it to go really high which im not good at so don't ask) as far as shots (and you can trust me on this) the hardest ones to block are the ones in the corner goin fast on the ground becuase the goalie has to dive but keep them selfs close to the ground. as far as like goalie kicks I try to keep those towards the outside but back to the point. folow through hit the ball with the chest of your foot (below your ankle above the toe ahh you'll find it) and kick hard (duh) but the number one thing is to practice you can buy all the books on how to kick hard and get a thousand answers here but if you don't just do it your screwed. Also stretch your legs really good. butterflies, flamingoes, just goin straight down with your knees locked. Find some leg excersises and do em (like squats) thats about all I got.

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Practice practice and more practice. That's all you need. If you eat right and practice your shot, you will see your feet and legs get stronger and stronger, week by week. Trust me, you will be allright.

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