A Ukranian woman bumps into the entire chelsea football squad...?

Question:in a nite club...

She approasches John Terry and asks for his autograph... she duly drops out her left t-i-t, which he signs.

She asks drogba for the same... drops out her right t-i-t which he signs.

She asks Mourhino for his autograph, and drops her knickers... to which he says.. fcuk off!! .. last time i signed a ukranian cnut it cost me £30 million


How many times have Chelsea won the Champions League? All I know ManU have won it 2 times against all odds!?

thats funny
im sending that 2 my friends

Peter Ridsdale was the chairman of which of the following teams?

lol x

Should i buy my jerseys from soccer4less.net?

not bad rofl!

How do you feel if a player on your team cheats, i am carrying out a poll, include your team?

Oh that`s good, very good.

Giggs is 007,Giggs is 007,thumbs down king and norn iron are all the same one sad person what an @rse?

thats rwally funny

What has happened to all those cardiff fans banging on about promotion??

V good

Reading 6 West Ham 0 - Who else was there ?


Why do soccer players wear long socks?


Cheers for that!

Will Newcastle Utd ever win anything ever again.losing 1-3 to Birmingham at the moment...what a disgrace...

good one.rotflol =))

u mean sheva right ?!!

Any news or rumers about this summers transfer?

That is nearly, as funny as chelsea!!

In Football,what does London not have that every other major city in England does?

i heard this joke b4 world class

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