A question for fc united fans mainly! see additional details for question.?

If fc united where to play manchester united in the fa cup final(don't laugh it could happen one day) who would you support and why?


What is the record ground crowd attendance for an all Ireland hurling final?

All FCUM fans are also Man Utd fans at heart ...they just hate the way Man Utd is run as a business and not a real club..

Of course it could happen...from next season FCUM are only two promotions away from the Conference. They only have to reach the third round of the FA Cup, and from there its just a matter of the luck of the draw.

I think if the match was at OT, they would boycott it because they dont want to give Glazer any of their money. If it was at Gigg Lane, it would be a full house.

The real answer is I thik they'd just enjoy the occassion of watching the local democratic team that they set up and run take on the biggest name in world football. It'd be amazing.

Do you think Man Utd fans are bad losers?

man utd

Is that mad bint 'commentator' likely to make another appearance on MOTD before the end of the season?

there's no fc united!

When is mexicos next game going to be?(soccer)?

man utd!

Which team is better?

won't matter anyway

What happend in the year 2000?

I strongly doubt it could ever happen... Anyway I'm with MU.

Which is better and why fifa 07 or Pro Evolution Soccer 6?

i'm not sure. it's like choosing the dad or the child! i think it would have to be man utd as i've supported them longer.
for those people that don't know them, they were set up by man utd supporters who didn't want the glaziers at man utd!

Did anybody see ronaldo fall over??

fc utd?

When is the new liverpool fc away shirt available?

Ive been to watch a few FC Utd games at Gigg Lane this season and they play some good football. Im a neutral but love football, I would cheer on FC Utd as they're the underdogs!! I can't see it happening though.

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