All this fuss about Tevez?

Why is there no big deal about Mascherano? I might be ignorant here but he played for three clubs in a year (against fifa rules?) and he was part owned by a third party (ditto) and he played in the champions league for liverpool even though he played in the uefa cup for west ham? Is there something different about this one?


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the reason why there is no fuss about mascherano is because he didnt do anything for west ham but if he had a big impact then it would all be about him, but becuase tevez has kept west ham in the prem then there is a massive fuss over it.

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technically none, but because tevez and west ham were involved in the relegation battle, that's why this transfer deal was put into speculation...

all the while, i've been saying the it was a nice way for liverpool to bend the rules to be able to sign and play mascherano...

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I think it is because Tevez scored some important goals in the relegation fight, Sundays being a good example, and therefore West Ham got points that keeped them up.

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Lets face it Liverpool MUST have known that West Ham were not going to lose points or they wouldn't have taken Mascherano and risk a champions league spot. Also Liverpool asked FIFA for special dispensation to play Mascherano despite his playing for 3 clubs and FIFA ok'ed it. Other than that I can't see any difference between Tevez and Mascherano.

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its all a waste of time,i didnt hear them moaning when he played several games,didnt score and we lost them all,everybody knew we had signed both players right from the start,liverpool played it by the book,and were cleared by the fa,ok west ham messed up on the legal front,but the fa knew months ago,we were fined a record amount,but despite all the bad press etc,the team got together,played with guts and fought their way out,beating man utd and arsenal twice in the season,sheff utd were 12 points clear of us in march,they are the ones that deserved to go down,simply because they were not good enough over the season,if the hammers had got relegated due to losing games,thats fine,but for the other teams to winge because we didnt get docked points is sour graps,and a waste of time,the best teams stayed up.(apart from wigan of course coz i cant stand the moaning loosers)

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i was thankin the same thing
if sheff u wigan ect e suing west ham y not liverpool

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I agree with you about Mascherano, but Liverpool bought him before they let him play, so who is accountable for what he's done in the past?, as for playing in the CL and uefa, I do think that sounds a bit dodgy. The Tevez thing is running and running because now they're saying if his contract was torn up but then another one drawn up for him to stay at WHU for the remainder of the season, then in effect they were signing a player outside of the transfer window which is against the rules.

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